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GEORGETOWN -- Sussex County Council approved the extension of the Fenwick Island Sanitary Sewer District to include the Americana Bayside development of Freeman Communities LLC.

At its regular meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2002, the council voted 4-1 in favor of the extension with Councilman George Cole voting no.

Cole took issue with the inclusion of 16 properties encompassing approximately 130 acres in addition to the Americana Bayside development.

"We're being too aggressive in pushing sewer into an area that has been designated environmentally sensitive," said Cole. "We should have waited and approved those (future developments around Americana Bayside) as they came in. We should have limited this extension to Americana Bayside."

Other council members felt differently. Councilman Dale Dukes said that since Cole was admitting the other properties would likely be developed anyway, the county should include them in the extension now for planning purposes.

Dukes added that the county is encouraged by state and federal agencies to put developments in environmentally sensitive areas on central sewer systems.

Assistant County Engineer Russell Archut told council that the engineering department sent out 17 letters to affected property owners on individual parcels around the development and received 12 back with 7 yes votes.

Answering a question posed by Councilman Vance Phillips, Archut said a yes vote from Americana Bayside would make the final tally 8 votes for the extension and 5 votes against. Five property owners did not respond.

The huge, 877-acre development sparked tremendous controversy in 2000 and early 2001 as council considered the rezoning of the property to allow for the construction of 1,700 single- and multi-family homes with commercial and recreational facilities.

Freeman Communities, which is also developing the 700-unit Bear Trap subdivision in Ocean View, originally requested 2,900 units for Americana Bayside.

Wil King Road Stays ...

Council voted to keep Wil King Road as named to end the ongoing battle over the renaming of the road to Wil King Road -- at least for this year.

Council acted on two separate petitions during its meeting -- one to keep the name as changed two years ago to Wil King Road, and another to change Wil King Road to just King Road.

Council members said they had not received petitions from opponents of the change two years ago to Wil King Road by the Jan. 15 deadline.

A petition with 31 signatures did come in on Jan. 18, but council felt that because it was late, because only 26 of the signatures were verifiable, and because it did not represent 75 percent of the 87 potential signatures on the road, that the name change should be left as is.

Council first voted against the petition for King Road and then voted for the petition to retain the Wil King Road name.

"I would have supported changing the name to King Road if they filed the petition on time," said Councilman Dale Dukes, "but since they have not, I can not support the petition because it would open the door and we'd be flooded with other people requesting to do the same thing."

Dukes said opponents to the Wil King Road name could petition council again in August.

The change to Wil King Road two years ago was made as part of a major road renaming project the county undertook at that time.

In Other Business ...
  • County Administrator Robert L. Stickels told council that he received a letter from John A. Sergovic Jr., the attorney for Sussex Ventures Inc., informing council that Sussex Ventures Inc. has withdrawn its appeal of a Planning & Zoning Commission denial of the company's proposed Country Meadows subdivision on Road 297. The appeal had been scheduled to be heard by council on Jan. 29.

  • Council unanimously approved the designation of surplus property and the sale of that property. The county will display the surplus items for sale in the county administration building atrium on Thursday, Feb. 21. Sealed bids will be accepted all day for the items, such as low-speed copiers that work but no longer meet the county's needs, with the bids opened at the end of the business day. Any property not sold would be sent to Wilson's Auction in Lincoln to be auctioned off.

  • Council unanimously approved the sale of a surplus 1996 Chevrolet pickup truck used by the county paramedic department to David Banks for the price of $18,500.

  • Council also unanimously approved a change order to purchase fire dispatching software for the county's 911 dispatch system for a cost of $15,720 to come out of the county's 50 911 fee. The purchase is part of an existing $754,635 contract for Priority Dispatch software. At the time of the original purchase, the fire module was not yet available. The county already paid $23,135 for ambulance software that was available in October 2001, when the new system went online.

  • The county will present checks totalling more than $370,000 to various volunteer fire companies at the Sussex County Volunteer Firemen's Association meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2002. County Administrator Robert L. Stickels said $241,000 would go toward fire services and $130,000 for basic life support costs.

  • Council unanimously approved agreements and beneficial acceptance agreements for sanitary sewer services for Rehoboth Cottages, the Villages of Old Landing Section II Phase II, and Waterside Phase III.

  • Council approved the following grant requests:
    1. $125 for Laurel Youth Sports' basketball team sponsorship;
    2. $500 for the Delaware Devils' tournament expenses;
    3. $250 for state championship rings for Delmar's 2001 Division II state championship football team;
    4. $300 for the Woodbridge Athletic Association's athletic complex;
    5. $250 for the 2002 Delaware Envirothon for high school students throughout the state;
    6. $400 for the rehabilitation of the Historic Georgetown Association's train station;
    7. $200 to USA Athletes International Inc. for county resident Staci Wyatt's trip to Australia with the USA Athletes International Softball Team.

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