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GEORGETOWN -- Sussex County Council heard that the mobile home demolition program it entered into with the First State Manufactured Housing Association in March 2001 has resulted in the removal of 40 trailers, including 25 in the latest round of removals.

At council's regular meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2002, County Administrator Robert L. Stickels said the program's goal is now to remove 100 dilapidated mobile homes per year in the county.

The association made available $8,000 for removal of the homes this year but Stickels said all costs have been borne by the property owners so far.

Stickels said several property owners have inquired about obtaining funding from the program to remove their mobile homes.

He emphasized that the funds were not a grant for private property owners. He said a lien would be placed on the property owner's property in the event it is ever sold so the county could recover the money. "It's a no-interest loan," Stickels said.

Stickels said a task force has been trying to devise a program to recycle the demolished homes.

Stickels said the county has estimated that 700 rundown mobile homes need to be removed, including 100 in the Millsboro area.

"I feel it's a very cost-effective program for the county," said Stickels.

Millville Sewer Boundaries ...

Council viewed the recommended boundaries for the Millville/North Millville Sanitary Sewer District from the County Engineering Department.

The area served will include more than 1,000 homes, said County Assistant Engineer Russell Archut, including all of the Town of Millville except for a proposed 402-home subdivision the Town of Millville recently annexed.

Archut said construction on the proposed system could begin in 2007.

Russell Banks, the developer of the proposed Dove's Landing development, asked council why it couldn't include his annexed development in the preliminary study.

County Engineer Michael Izzo said the county is currently "reluctant" to include the Dove's Landing subdivision in the district because it was not included in the original South Coastal Regional sewer system plan.

He said another study needs to be done to determine if the South Coastal Regional system has enough capacity to handle the subdivision.

Banks said the proposed subdivision is within the county's development district around Millville.

County Administrator Robert L. Stickels, however, said the proposed subdivision is not under the county's jurisdiction any more, that it is now the jurisdiction of the county and the state, and that it is not within the state's development plans because the state has labelled the area as environmentally sensitive.

Archut said the county received 147 positive responses from property owners in the proposed area since a public hearing on the district late last fall. The most positive comments came from the developments of White's Creek Manor and Roger's Haven.

Archut said the next step would be to authorize a preliminary engineering study to determine the project's costs. Archut said he hoped the study would be completed by August.

A formal public hearing will be held on the final proposed boundaries in early fall, said Izzo.

In Other Business ...
  • County Administrator Robert L. Stickels said county offices would be closed on Monday, Jan. 21, for Martin Luther King Day.

  • Council unanimously approved a change order for a credit on the construction of the regional pump station for the Ocean View Expansion of the Bethany Beach Sanitary Sewer District. The credit of $3,060 from Hopkins Construction, plus other credits previously approved, dropped the total price of the station from the original price of $2,209,000 to $2,194,000.07

  • Council also unanimously approved a change order that reduced the original bid amount for the Holts Landing Sanitary Sewer District from $959,000 to a final amount of $928,000. The change order from Bunting & Murray was for a credit of $51,000, which offset other change orders that had increased the cost by $27,000.

  • Council unanimously approved a design contract for the design of the sewer systems for Bay View Estates and Sea Country Estates on the far west side of the Fenwick Island Sanitary Sewer District. The contract worth $266,334 was awarded to Whitman, Requardt & Associates. County Assistant Engineer Russell Archut said the systems would likely connect to the Fenwick Island system by a pipeline along Route 54 to the regional pump station at Rt. 54 and County Road 281.

  • The Georgetown Historical Society notified council that it will be holding a dedication of the recently restored gas station at the Marvel Museum on Thursday, Jan. 24, 2002, at 11 a.m.

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